6 Goals For 2019

Move to Canada, find a job & rent an apartment.

With my work visa now active I have it until October 2020 to live and work in Canada and I’ve got my heart set on Alberta. So I’ll be there for either the start of the summer season or the winter season – either way it will be amazing. Tbh I’m most excited about trying poutine.

Take a few snowboarding lessons.

While in Canada, something I have always wanted to try is snowboarding. I’ve never done any snow sports and I need to see what all the fuss it about! Again, hopefully living in Canada over the winter there will be plenty of opportunity to take some lessons.

Move more.

Just get active. I don’t mind whether it’s joining the gym, going to a dance class, hiking a mountain or just walking through a city. Getting some daily exercise is good for both my body and my mind. I’ve always wanted to take a yoga class or run at my local park.

Learn & practice basic Spanish.

Quiero aprender Español. I want to learn Spanish (can you tell I used google translate?). I was in Central America last summer and could get by with saying ‘un poquito Español’ when really all I knew how to say was ‘the bill please.’ I want to learn how to have basic conversations so when I undoubtedly head to South America I can happily understand their language. I’ve never been good at learning a language so this might be quite a challenge.

Go on a multi-day hike.

Over the past few months I’ve really got into the idea of long distance hiking but I’ve only ever camped overnight once in highschool. That is going to change this year. Whether I’m living in Scotland or in Canada, I’m going to get on a few trails and test out my ability to live outdoors for a few days.

Hire a camper for a week or two.

I’ve dreamed of having my own campervan for so many years but I’ve never had the chance or settled down enough to buy one. So I’m going to rent one. Get a few friends, climb in the camper and set out on an epic roadtrip – sounds dreamy right?

There are my six goals for the year – what are some of your goals?


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